Christina Milian’s Sleepy Myspace Posting

checked in with fans on her blog at myspace on Friday (April 21). “Wussup people? I am like a zombie right now,” she wrote in an typographical error-laden message mistakenly posted three times that we’ve tried to correct. “My sleep schedule is all screwed up. Haven’t gotten any sleep lately but it’s all good cause I stay on that grind! Yo, I definitely wanna show love to all the stations I hit up this passed week in the Bay Area, Houston, Phoenix, Tuscon, Oxnard and San Diego. I have alot of fun on all the shows. Which made my life easier. But yeah, everyone’s been real nice to me. Shout out all the fans that won the many different concert just to meet [huh?]. That means alot to me. I’m going to bed. I will write more later. Okay…as I write, my eyes are drooping.. Slowwwly faaallling… asleep.. :)”

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