Ciara At The Gym & Rehearsals Prepping For ‘Fantasy Ride’

Ciara driving

’s ‘Fantasy Ride’ Webisode week one features the singer driving to the gym as she prepared to do promo for the album. After working up a sweat, left the gym and headed to rehearsals with her choreographer Jamaica Craft. “She and I have been growing so much together,” said. “She’s older than me, but I call her my baby, and she calls me her baby in return. It’s kinda weird because we’ve both been able to watch each other grow. I feel like she and I have a very unique chemistry. It’s just really special, it’s truly one of a kind. She’s also beyond a choreographer she’s really a friend of mine. It’s like family within my system, and she’s like a family member to me.” Watch the clip via ’s YouTube channel below.

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One thought on “Ciara At The Gym & Rehearsals Prepping For ‘Fantasy Ride’

  1. Tammy says:

    Great clip of Ciara. I’m glad that she should us fans some behind-the-scenes events that she involved with. Her exercise program is crazy especially with her carrying the weight. GO CIARA!!!

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