Ciara Discusses Her Debut Album caught up with for a Q&A and asked what type of music fans should expect on her debut album. “Your going to see a little bit of everything a little bit more dance, more singing, a mix of everything,” she said. “And just to say a little about this song in particular, [‘Goodies’] I’m pretty sure that its in everybody’s mind that the way I’m singing this record I’m not really singing, and I’m not going to say that I’m the greatest singer, but this song doesn’t really showcase my talent, its just a song I wrote from the heart, it’s a song that everybody and their momma can sing, cause its like the same note through the whole song just about… ‘I Am Aware Of That’, at the same time its all good though, it’s just a feel good song. I like to write songs that make people feel good and whether it is a song that has a whole bunch of things going on or its just singing, my goal as a writer and an artist is to write songs that make people feel good.”

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