Ciara: I Want To Be One Of The Best Entertainers Of All Time

Ciara on a throne

checked in with her Twitter followers (@ciara) earlier this evening, discussing Mike Tyson and being inspired “to be one of the best entertainers of all time.” The 23-year-old writes:

About to watch The TYSON DVD. so proud of my girl @lalavazquez for being one of the producers on this!

This story on Tyson is amazing, deep, inspiring, and motivating

It’s also sad:(

His experience as a boxer is the perfect example of how you can have everything and lose it all fast. Remember life what u make it. You determine your destiny. You get back what you put out in the universe. You can be happy if you decide. Don’t give up on what you believe in until you know you’ve tried every possible thing, and that effort of being relentless is still success even if it didn’t work.

The one thing that I’ve learned and always believed, is that, humility is the key to success. The saying “pride cometh before the fall is real just as fast and the money, fame, and glory can come, it can be taken away. for that reason, I have to stop and say thank you to God for everything. I feel so blessed. I’ve decided that I’m going to live a happy life and enjoy the many blessings I’ve been given, I’ve decided to make a difference in the world if I can, I’ve decide that one day I want to be one of the best entertainers of all time, and I’ve decided to create the plan to make all of it happen, therefore it shall! i believe!:) dreams are real, they do come true. love Ciara! xox

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