Ciara Mourns Godmother’s Death

Ciara in sweats

talked with fans on her Twitter (@ciara) earlier today after receiving the sad news that one of her godmothers, Linda, had lost her battle with cancer. The singer tells readers:

Today was a bit rough for me. But I know I have to stay positive. I lost one of my godmothers to cancer. We just discovered almost 2 months ago she had cancer in the 4th stage. Unfortunately it moved so fast and today was her last day. I say this to say make the best of everyday, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Try to end off everyday on a positive note no matter what.

Ms Linda was a sweet, strong and smart woman and she could cook!:) she would come to you with open arms and love you like you were one of hers. She has definitely left a lot of sweet memories in peoples hearts and now she can rest in peace. No more pain.

Todays my friends birthday so I will celebrate with her and stay positive!

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