Ciara Opines On Teen Pregnancy, Birth Control & Abortion

Ciara in a skintight outfit

posted several Twitter remarks (@ciara) while watching ’16 and Pregnant’ on MTV, sharing her thoughts on motherhood, birth control, abortion and teen pregnancy. The singer writes:

Now I’m watching ’16 and Pregnant’ on MTV. This show makes me say wow! When I have my first baby, I want to be married and sure!

Nothing like having a baby and not being prepared for it!

This boy is making mad because he doesn’t want to help feed the baby or even change the diaper! I feel like kicking his but!

Yes it’s woman’s nature to nurture. But guys have to step up too. Give the woman support as well

Yes, could you ever abort a baby? I can’t even think about it! I love kids toooo much!

I just want to take this moment and encourage everyone to protect themselves!

When I was younger, a few of my friends had their babies by the time they were 13 and 14. That didn’t mean I had to hate them, or follow. You have to make decisions for yourself. be a leader. Over time we grew apart because we all took different routes in life. Sometimes you learn from those that make mistakes around you. they def had to cut out a lot of fun times. But they’ve all grown up to be good mothers

I commend them for still pulling their lives together. It’s great to see them doing well.

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One thought on “Ciara Opines On Teen Pregnancy, Birth Control & Abortion

  1. yelenda croseford says:

    I truly agree with Ciara because if you decided to lay down and get pregnant then it is your responsibility not your mother or father just you and the baby daddy it is also not the baby flout it is yours.
    ~ just don’t do it ~

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