Claims Of Naturi Getting Booted From 3LW Refuted

I’m not sure about the credibility of this poster on ’s official site, but this rumor about Naturi getting booted from the group for being “too dark skinned” seems pretty bunk, and the typical BS rumors that younger female R&B performers have been going through lately. NSoul writes, “A number of you have been asking about Naturi, and about the rumors.. Well I talked to Ms. Williams just a few mins ago and Naturi was with the group and today they did a show in Charlotte together.. and they have other shows going on this week.. so is still … All this garbage that you are hearing about a light skin/dark skin thing and Naturi is all bullsh*t… The truth will hit the light real soon… So until then, do not even come on the board with that nonsense.. Aiight, let the truth be known that since we got the board back let’s get the girls back to the top of TRL!”

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One thought on “Claims Of Naturi Getting Booted From 3LW Refuted

  1. Erica says:

    That post is so funny because she was kicked out the group and the truth did come to light. I tell you what, if someone threw some food in my hair, clothes, etc. I would be straight whipping their ass for real. Let those two light skinned bitches do their thing, acting all like they are wholesome on Disney when they were sleeping with Treach from Naughty by Nature and doing a lot of other people to get ahead, and let their group go down in flames as it has since we have not heard from the group and it’s ’09. They got theirs didn’t they!

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