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Jamie Foster Brown was on CNN’s Talkback Live with Arthel Neville just as the press conference with the Chicago police was going down, but I caught a transcript of the last half of it. Brown talked about how male artists need to have more discretion in having sex with female fans now, and speculated on if his career is over as the result of this indictment. Read on for a transcript.

Arthel: I get a chance to talk to them, you are month longer the predator,
you are the prey, and girls come after you they dress up, whatever you
have got it stop and think, why is she there? What does she want, what
are the consequences of this some.

Jamie Foster Brown: Absolutely. And they do not teach men that, men
do not get that, they get this whole thing like you gotta get as much as
you can, when you can and when you become a singer get all of the sex in
the land and there is no discretion, if it is there you can get it, it
is very, very difficult, it was the same thing with Tupac Shakur and many
other artists in the male area tichts in the — artists in the business.

Jamie Foster Brown: And I have two parents here, Rick and Natalie, from
Ohio, what are your thoughts on all this?

Natalie: I think it is pretty sad. He should be a role model. His music
does not always speak to what I would like my child to hear, but there
are certain song, that he sang.

Arthel: ‘I believe I Can Fly’.

Natalie: Yeah.

Arthel: And Rick what do you think?

Rick: I think for a guy like R.Kelly, I liked his music still like his
music, some of it is inspirational I think he let young people down, and
let his audience down. You know, by you know, making this tape, I mean
how can you not say it is me when it is in front of you, nobody will take
that much time and money to doctor up a tape to bring him down.

Arthel: Excuse me, thank you very much. And Jamie before I let you you
go, here’s the final question for you, of course he has noten convicted.
But has been charged. His music career, is it over?

Jamie Foster Brown: Well, it is kind of you know, that’s hard it say
because I don’t know, people are funny, you know, it may soar right now
it is not doing well, I mean you have Dr. Dre, saying had a you know, other
people don’t want to deal with him, artists do not want to deal with him,
Dr. Dre saying when it comes to children I draw the line and artists saying
we are not molesters up here, and making records and all of this, so the
sales did not do as well as expected, them to be and I wanted to address
this thing about being ‘ role model and I appreciate the parents saying
that. But most artists do not want it take the responsibility being a role
model. This is something that I argue with them all of the time and I say
like, if you wear sunglasses millions of kids will, if you wear shoelaces
everybody else does but you do not want to the responsibility where you
and I arthel or the construction worker or the telephone operator, we have
to be role models in our own community.

Arthel: You are. Jamie Foster Brown, thank you very much for joining
me today here on “Talkback Live”.

Jamie Foster Brown: Thanks for having me.

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