Colby O’Donis Talks About Debut Album, Plays A Few Tracks

Michael Benz of caught up with Colby O’Donis at the 2008 MTV VMA Awards party at Ivar Club XXX Premiere on September 4th. Colby talked about the release of his debut album ‘Colby O’, which hit stores Tuesday, as well as being single after his girlfriend left him, not being used to the whole lifestyle he’s living. He then sang a few bars off a song dedicated to the split, ‘Let You Go’. Colby followed up talking about some of the dirty messages and pictures he’s received from female fans. After pulling out his guitar, Colby played a few bars of ‘Don’t Turn Back’. Watch the interview below.

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8 thoughts on “Colby O’Donis Talks About Debut Album, Plays A Few Tracks

  1. Mely says:

    Hey Colby, I’m sorry about what happened with you + your ex girlfriend, you don’t need somebody who is gonna be pulling you back from what you wanna do and your dreams, instead you need somebody who can trust you and encourage you..

  2. Mely says:

    I would really wanna talk to you Colby. I’m a huge fan and I dig your style. please hit me up…
    620-[phone number removed by admin]

  3. rnbdirt says:

    This is not Colby’s web site… If you want to give him contact info, hit him up on his MySpace, not here.

  4. lala says:

    I think he’s a very inspirational person and he’s a real role model…he goes to show that no matter who’s trying to stop you from pursuing your dreams to keep going for it…I love you Colby.

  5. cathyjo irabon says:

    Hello.. Colby O’donis can get your cellphone number please if it’s ok to you…

  6. Tha Biz says:

    Colby is a little kid that comes of very fake. He is the little boy who wants to be respected and thinks he has the talent to deserve this respect. He tries to be cool but the problem is in his music video you can almost see him counting the dance routine with his lips. 2,3 step and turn kind of thing. He doesn’t come off as real like Akon does. You can believe Akon when he sings but Colby is Akon’s token white boy. Got to put him up on stage so the little white girls will be happy. Who cares if he cant sing he looks like a pretty boy with his plucked eyebrows. Its all to artificial….

  7. nolan yap says:

    Hi Colby like your music just make hundreds of music hope you come in Philippines to concert hope that. . .

  8. wings says:

    Hi Colby hope I have your phone number just text me in my phone number
    Thanks love you add me in my Yahoo

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