Craig David Falls For South African Model

The Sunday Mirror reports has been secretly dating South African model Roxy Ingram for four months after meeting her in Cape Town, Ingram’s home town, in November. “I met him here when he was touring. It wasn’t love at first sight,” she admitted. “In fact I didn’t feel anything except that he was a really nice guy, but he asked me out and we spent a few days together. I’ve got a DVD of one of his concerts and when I see him performing I can see why all these 16-year-old girls go all silly over him. But when he’s with me he’s completely different – he’s an absolute gentleman. We really need a holiday together. My dream is for him to stay with me here. I’m coming to the UK again in April and I want to spend as much time with him as I can. He’s my baby, my man. I’m just crazy about him.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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