Craig David Is ‘Energetic’ And Appreciates Fans

TRL’s Deirdre Connolly posted a diary update on with some insight on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s appearance on the show last Monday (October 7). Connolly said, “I was looking forward to meeting Craig, but to be honest, I was hoping that I would have been assigned Jake Gyllenhaal since he is so cute (my favorite word). However, my scheming co-worker Robyn foiled my plan. That was fine because Craig was so nice and down-to-earth (and also very cute) that it was fun chatting with him. He told me that his favorite thing about coming to the States is Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. When I told him that you could buy just the cookie dough on its own (as in the Pillsbury tube stuff), he was floored. He was dying to try some, so we went out and got him some. He was thanking us and saying how thoughtful it was, etc. While he was on air with Quddus, he was great. He’s so energetic and really appreciates his loyal fan base. He even hooked up one girl in the audience with a T-shirt that he had signed before the show.”

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