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stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk with Quddus about his new album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’ and to introduce his new video for the first single off the album, ‘What’s Your Flava?’ Craig gave props to Eminem and said that while he was unable to work with Jennifer Lopez on this album, he’d love to take her up on an offer to collaborate in the future. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: please welcome, craig david.


Quddus: What ‘up? What ‘up good to see you, craig.


Quddus: Welcome back to trl.

Craig: Good to be back.

Quddus: About a year since you were here last right.

Craig: Yeah. I’ve been travelin’, back in the studio now I’m back out.

Quddus: How long have you been state-side.

Craig: I would say for a good like 18 months. I was workin’ it here.
I was workin’ it. Tryin’ to be the flava. All that kind of stuff and went
back to the studio for a hot second back with a new album


Quddus: We’ll talk about that in a second no doubt I want to know, man
being here in the U.S. What’s your favorite thing for the U.S. Versus where
you are from, britain.

Craig: Well the girls obviously


Craig: Ha-ha. I have to say ben and jerry’s

[Inaudible] Ice cream givin’ me a lot of love right now.

Quddus: They don’t that flavor there.

Craig: They do but if you want it proper you go back to where it comes
from it is traditionally from the U.S. You can really get better than that.
I try to delve, not too much, just a little just to savor the taste for
a second.

Quddus: A sweet tooth I caught your sho rockin’ roseland trying to promote
it and it’s so relentless with the energy, man how do you gear up for it
not just ice cream.

Craig: To get set for it but the adrenaline of thinking I’ve written
a song back in my little bedroom 3 or 4 years back now and see the people
enjoyin’ the song across the atlantic that’s crazy. On stage you feel at
home and it’s good.

Quddus: You kinda think about that you don’t really — be real with
us, you know.

Craig: Legs are shakin’, it’s all goin’ wrong, I’m

[Inaudible] Dance routiness you know what, i jus get outthere and do
my thing. I’m not really — just about people seein’ who i am and what
I’m about and let it all flow you know


Quddus: In a moment we’ll check out your new video off the new album.
Make sure you “holla back” at us and let us know when you think of his
premiere when we premiere it.

Craig: What do you think?!

Quddus: Yeah. Back to your countdown, gwen and the guys debuted at 10
yesterday and you voted them up two spots today to no. 8 no doubt “underneath
it all”


Quddus: There goes no doubt at 8 “underneath it all” up two spots. Right
to your no. 7 of course I’m talkin’ about eminem. Craig what’s the vibe
like on him in london. People feelin’ him?

Craig: He is a super-star status, doin’ his thing. He is sayin’ things
that are real and people connect with that, rel bellious, they love it,
he is doin’ great.

Quddus: Definitely here and there we’ll world premiere this video, a
new track that eminem has “lose yourself” off the 8-mile soundtrack next
week but talk about your album, dude.

Craig: Yeah, about the real deal


Quddus: It is out november 19th, are you gettin’ bragadocious.

Craig: Same at “born to do it” born to be successful or other things
in the bedroom department, three things


Craig: Whereas lookin’ at your average for me to say you know I felt
this album is cool, it’s — hype, it’s hip in the same way that

[Inaudible] Another chapter in my life and ready to concentrate on different.
Peel will say is he being arrogant. I’m sayin’ I’m not. If you feel it,
you feel it. If not you’ll think I’m average.

Quddus: Definitely not in a lot of artists who feel you including sting
who did you a collaboration with for your new album.

Craig: That was great.

Quddus: Crazy, dope a really cool track.

Craig: Thank you man.

Quddus: And J.Lo talked about wantin’ to do a track with you.

Craig: She’s a sweetheart. She’s super you know ones that finishin’
off the album and tryin’ to get enough time to do it. In the future it
will be a beautiful thing. I think we could really pull something off I
want it to be different than the j-lo and ja rule thing, really different


Quddus: You definitely went different from your old stuff. What was
the inspiration for the song “what’s your flava?” We’re about to roll out.

Craig: For me, the 8th wonder of the world is ice cream and to have
a girl who’s a vanilla hot chocolate fudge brownie type girl is sayin’
you’re bangin’ if me i wanted a video that also touched on the different
types of girls I’ve met the last year-and-a-half, I’ve had the gold diggin’
ones and wanting to be superstars them self soy want the generic wholesome
vanilla type girl.

Quddus: Let’s go without further ado since you came all the way dot

Craig: Here is the world premiere some bangin’ off the chain business
craig david “what’s your flava?” Peace


Quddus: A real roger troutman influence from there.

Craig: Watch out good ol’ teddy riley.

Quddus: World premiere of craig david “what’s your flava?” If you want
to see that definitely vote: Checkin’ a “holla back” here from

[Inaudible] In florida just sayin’ i want to:

Craig: Love it. See how quick it was


Quddus: Definitely. Definitely keep hollering back at us.

Craig: You know what the fingers were movin’ so fast on the keyboard
that’s the thing only seen like seconds already comin’ through that’s nice
to see ’cause I’m in the studio puttin’ things out there slightly different
and it is great to get the feedback. ‘Glad you enjoy it.

Quddus: I see you got a t-shirt in your hand tryin’ to hook up a fan


Craig: What it is I see this girl she doesn’t really know yet but i
see you bubblein’ you were bouncin’ nicely get’s funky with that it. I
wanted to hook you up with a little t-shirt, a little vibe with it.

Quddus: She’s buggin’ you just made her day


Craig: Don’t worry. No doubt.

Quddus: Dude thank u for stoppin’ by.

Craig: My pleasure pleasure.

Quddus: The t-shirt, new video.

Craig: Cool.

Quddus: Come by with the album drops.

Craig: Thank you!

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