Craig David Performs On Last Call With Carson Daly

stopped by Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday. Craig chatted with Carson briefly before performing ‘Walking Away’. Craig discussed the recent praise that music legend Elton John had given him, as well as how ‘Walking Away’ was truly the song that helped launch his career. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Here with Craig David. We had Elton John on the show recently.
And Elton said — and I quote — “If there’s a better singer in Britain
than Craig David, then I’m Margaret Thatcher.”

Craig: It’s funny, because ever since kind of the quote, I’ve been into
Elton John just as a songwriter, ’cause I thought he at a piano, and it’s
so simple. And the way him and Bernie kind of wrote songs, I thought was
incredible — just to hand him lyrics and him just to write songs. So,
I followed his — not his progress ’cause, I mean, he’s a superstar —
but just kind of watched the way he kind of wrote songs. And I was very
impressed as an up-and-coming songwriter , Elton John thinks I’m kind of
cool. So I’m gonna try and do my thing.”

Carson: A lot of people probably think that ‘Fill Me In’ is the song
that got you your record deal. But this one you’re about to do, ‘Walking
Away,’ you credit —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Craig: We had actually written ‘Fill Me In’ and ‘Seven Days’ at the
time. So ‘Walking Away’ on the first demo. And a lot of companies were
kind of sleeping on the whole thing. And, eventually I signed up in the
U.K. And it was like — it was the one that made the most impact. And then
I had to prove myself to say, “Hey, I can write more songs.” And I did
a little ‘Fill Me In,’ a little ‘Seven Days.’ It kind of filled the gap.
Yeah, you know.

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