Craig David Second Album Gets Delayed

The webmaster of ’s official site told fans unhappy news on the message board. Webmaster wrote, “Following a meeting with reccies yesterday I got the news that (sob) the release of Craig’s new album will be a bit more delayed from the original expectation. This is due to his US commitments and the fact that he really wants this to be the perfect second album. ETA is now around early August, with the first single making it’s appearance around early June (but hopefully promo for the single should begin earlier, depending on whether Craig is happy with the final result. So we all have to hold breath for longer – but hey! how so is it gonna be worth the wait! Meantime Craig is blasting America to pieces with rave reviews throughout his tour which runs for another 2 1/2 weeks! Then he should be back in the UK for a well-earned rest (in the studio!).”

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