Craig David ‘Total Request Live’ Transcript

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to perform a special version of ‘What’s Your Flava?’ and flirt with host Hilarie Burton. Craig says he missed out on partying in New York by accidently falling asleep. He also wondered how one can get the job checking women’s bikini wax jobs in order to get into Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ birthday party on Tuesday night. Read on for a transcript.

Hilarie: All right you guys it is time for me to bring out our very special
gues my mother always told me never trust a man with two first names but
this one I trust to the day I die I love th man bring him out it is Craig


Hilarie: How are you come on up here ahh, so good to see you how have
you b good man you great. Like this outfit today.

Craig: Me you —

[Inaud] Together.

Craig: We are coordinated.

Hilarie: Yeah, I think —

Craig: Did we do that on purpose.

Hilarie: We try to do that little thing.

Craig: We have to go out a couple.

Hilarie: Let’s start rumors

Hilarie: Your first album absolutely huge everybody loved it prur yekd
“slicker than average” out in stores yesterday


Hilarie: You performed across the street how was it.

Craig: I had a great time like the first time performin’ a lot of the
songs live I was tryin’ to remember the words to half of it but went out
there, did our ing acoustically I had a great time signed a few copies
of the album. More people can go out and buy it. Had a grit time.

Hilarie: What else did you do to celebrate? I know that wasn’t it you
partied last night didn’t you.

Craig: I wanted to. I wanted to but my

[Inaudible] Was really going to bed


Craig: I’ll leave that with a question mark.

Hilarie: No explain that one

Craig: Well it started for me going to my room thinkin’ it would be
chilled, did a little run then I got in bed and I thought man maybe we
could throw a party down here but my head hit the pillow and the next thing
the alarm clock went off that was my party.

Hilarie: That’s sad. We’ll go out tonight let’s start by saying hi to
everyone in times square.

Craig: We should.

Hilarie: See tho across the street wave to them.

Craig: No one wavein’ back

Hilarie: They can’t see.

Craig: C’mon.

Hilarie: They can’t see.

Craig: Puffy had his thing, I should have gone.

Hilarie: You should have. The great time.

Craig: Didn’t have the right attire

[Inaudible] With the girls I wondered if he would check that

Hilarie: We’ll talk more about your album in a bit we’ll go to break
but when we come back Craig will put on an unbelievable show.

Craig: I’ll try.

Hilarie: Don’t go anywhere trl will be back.


Hilarie: Welcome back to trl hangin’ out with Craig David. Look at this
couple out here in their bathein’ suits. All sorts of people.

Craig: Mad people out here.

Quddus: Hey, guys. They have no idea is 0 degrees outside. Everybody
is confused but here to see you. Thank you so much for comin’ and hangin’

Craig: It feels good.

Quddus: Your last album “born to do it” huge smash. Now did you take
this one to the next level what can we expect?

Craig: I wanted to make sure the songs, the babies you create, as long
as they are strong the production is icein’ on the cake. This time I tried
to push the envelope with the production without compromising songs and
on a journey.

Quddus: You worked with great producers.

Craig: Yeah, with mark hill, from the first album, two up and coming
producers on the second which is important. I like to give people the opportunity
to show what they can do and produced one track myself and did my thing.

Quddus: Very nice, renaissance man.

Craig: I was outside hangin’ out with your fans.

Craig: Were you sun bathing out there.

Quddus: No I passed on that but what I witnessed how much ladies love
Craig David they were wilin’ out rum more has it you are really a ladies
man what qualities do you look for in a girl.

Craig:  They have to have kinda curly hair. Nice black tops and.

Hilarie: Ha-ha you guys have me flustered right now.

Craig: It has to be genuine, from the inside out. But trying to find
the marriage between a great personality to be confident and focused and
look great.

Quddus: We’ll have a lot of confident girls in the audience now after
your next request climbing 3 at 5 it is sum 41 “still waiting”


Hilarie: That was no. 5 christina aguilera “dirrty” 5 sum 41 “still
waiting” which was 8 yesterday.

Hilarie: Time for some acoustic flavor here to perform from “slicker
than average” out in stores yesterday give it for Craig David

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