Craig David’s Jilted Friend?

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posted 12-11-2002 04:34 PM

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Well, I have to speak out. I cannot be quiet no more. I have to tell you all something.

First of all, I want to let u know that I have worked closely with “Mr.David” and have observed him and heard him talk. I won’t tell my name. Craig, I don’t care if u will hate me for this, because I won’t see u, anymore. I did have good times with u in the same room, though; u cool, but u ain’t being cool and honest with your fans and I see these fans writing to u everyday and syaing how much they love u and all that and I feel sick! It makes me sick to my stomach that they don’t know the real u.

U become someone else with fans and that might be a positive thing, u change next to them, but they don’t know that. And the things u say in the interviews….maaaaan!! Where do u come up with this stuff? Have can u lie like that? Why it’s so important to u to create this “perfect” image? U forget about being your daaammnnn self! This situatin is very sad.

I feel really bad right now and I feel like such a fool, too. I thought all those wonderful things about u until I heard u talk…watch u act…all in private and then in public something else. I am glad I was there to see that and sad cuz it killed the image of u that I had in mind. I don’t wanna do that to ur fans, but they are NOT ’s fans…that is someone else….why craig?

If Eminem is an a$$, he admits it and from all the guys that I have met in the entertainment business, u are something else. And the “funny” thing is that no one will ever really know that, unless they get to know u and then they will want to run away all scared and confused; the way I was. Won’t u talk about the girls on the road? Hmmm? Won’t u talk about what u say about the fans and the ones on this message board? Please do so! Do it the way u do with the other fellow.

To all of you wonderful people, wonderful loyal fans, I apologize for this message, but I couldn’t take it no more. Even though I feel worse, right now, I know I had to do this. Not many people know about this. Once again, I am so sorry, I hope u forgive me. U guys can still have the same image of him in ur head and keep the dream alive; I don’t wanna try to kill that. After all, he can sing and that is all that matters. But things aren’t always what they seem to be. I am sorry.

Craig, if someone tells u about this, u might guess who I am. Don’t try to reach me; don’t call; don’t bother. I am sorry! No more more lies…u have got to stop the act! And appreciate these loyal fans…don’t say the things u say about them; it’s not like that! And try to control yourself…u know what I’m talkin’ about.

P.S: I won’t come back to read your response, because I already feel bad enough. But u guys have to understand that I had to do this for u. Don’t hate me for this. I saw all the love and I couldn’t take it no more; u had to know a bit more.

just another human being

u guys are simply the best of the best!!!!

***once again, I am sorry for this message***

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One thought on “Craig David’s Jilted Friend?

  1. yoyo says:

    Just to let you know- I like Craig David for his music. Not for personal sh**.

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