Craig David’s New Video A Willy Wonka Love Story

The Sun has shots of ’s new video to his new single ‘What’s Your Flava?’, which takes his search for the perfect partner and wrapped it up in the story of classic kids’ movie ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’. “I meet different kinds of girls and the type I like is not the one who is trying to take you for a ride for your money, be a superstar herself or is a neurotic fan,” Craig said. “It’s always the ‘Charlie’ character — the genuine girl — who wins the day. She’s the sort of girl I’m looking for in real life.” Check out the photos and more here.

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One thought on “Craig David’s New Video A Willy Wonka Love Story

  1. OCA says:

    I really liked the video. I guess it helps that I love Willy Wonka and the video is comparable to that style. Craig’s right though, it’s always the Charlie that wins in the end!

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