Craig David’s Sex Tales?

Contributed Anonymously:

These are some extracts taken from More! magazine. I only post the very sexual parts because the interview is quite long. And after reading this, you decide if he’s still gay or not.

M: Which celebs do it for you?

Craig: I think Charlize Theron is beautiful. And Beyonce and J.Lo are really attractive.

M: What about losing your virginity – what happened there?

Craig: I was 15 and one night a friend called me up and told me to come over because his girlfriend was there with a friend. So I went over and I was trying to play it cool but inside I was terrified. In the end it was pretty quick, and not that satisfying because I didn’t really know her.

M: When was your last snog?

Craig: A couple of weeks ago when I was shooting a video in Mexico. One of the girls had a little crush on me and I thought she was cute, but I didn’t want the full distance. At the end we had a little bit of a kiss to relieve the tension, but she rammed her tongue in my mouth and got all full-on, so I had to calm her down.

M: What’s your favorite position?

Craig: I’d have to say missionary. I mean it’s wonderful from behind but it can feel a bit aggressive. I prefer it when you can look at each other in the eyes – it’s so much more intimate. And holding her and looking at her face feels a lot more passionate.

M: What’s the oddest place you’ve had sex?

Craig: In a lift – the rush was amazing. It was really late at night so we thought no one would try and call it. So we got in on the top floor and pressed a few buttons at the same time in the hope that the lift would get stuck and stripped really quickly. Then just as we were getting down to it, the lift doors opened and the chambermaid was standing there staring at us. Luckily she just walked away, shaking her head, and we managed to finish on our way back to the room. That was such an intense experience.

M: Have you slept with a groupie:

Craig: No. I think it’s pretty crass to take advantage of a fan. But there have been girls who’ve played it really well and pretended that they don’t really know who I am. Then after you’re done they’re all like: “Ooh Craig, I want to be with you forever” And then I realise that they were a fan all along. So if you play your cards right and you’re pretty, you could definetely fool me!

M: What’s your naughtiest fantasy?

Craig: I love having sex in weird places – that’s why the lift thing happened. I think having sex on a plane would be pretty exciting. Not in the toilets, but in your seat when everyone else is asleep on a long flight. You’d know you couldn’t make much noise, so that would be pretty cool.

M: I think we can knock the rumors about you being gay on the head then!

Craig: Yeah – how many times do I have to sing about girls before everyone gets the message!

Got this from UK More! Magazine and Fan site!

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