Craig On Why He’s Indie In The UK & Major In America

did a Q&A with Lauren Harris of Rolling Stone where he talked about his new album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’ and who he has and would like to collaborate with. Asked why he signed with an indie label in the U.K. and a major label in America, Craig explained, “When I first got signed, I got signed to the indie label Wildstar in the U.K. The great thing about that is having success in your home territory, you can branch out and be licensed to a company that you feel can do the job for you in a different territory. At first a lot of people couldn’t quite understand that, they thought, ‘You need to be with a major, have the power of a major.’ The only problem that you have with that is, if there was another artist in America who was similar to what I was doing, how would that record company really want to promote you when they’ve got their own thing they’re doing? So you’re kind of in conflict within your own company. I was lucky to have an independent and then find the right home in different places around the world. It worked out — I am on a major, but I’m not.”

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