Crohn’s Disease Almost Ruined Anastacia’s Career

Anastacia spoke to the Mirror about how she has battled back from Crohn’s disease, which effects the small intestine, at the age of 18 – because she went on a diet. The singer revealed she went on the diet because a music producer told her she was fat and wasn’t singing right because of it, “It was a dramatic fruit and vegetable-only diet. And with my disease that was like putting glass down my intestine, because it’s all fibre. But I didn’t know. I hadn’t had a problem for years and I thought, ‘I don’t have this disease, it was a mistake by the doctors.’ All I had was a scar.” The full story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Crohn’s Disease Almost Ruined Anastacia’s Career

  1. Joyce says:

    It’s good that Anastacia battle back from Crohn’s disease, otherwise we have lost a good artist. I can understand her joy here after being freed from the disease which is a very problematic disease that irritates the patient all the time.

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