Dawn Robinson Talks About En Vogue Bust-Up

Dawn Robinson talked with Essence.com ahead of her solo effort ‘Dawn’ where the ex-En Vogue singer spoke about her departure from the group. Dawn said, “With En Vogue, the music was done for us. We went into the studio and sang whatever they told us to sing. Plus, we were not the ones bringing home the lion’s share of the money. Not everyone was ready to fight and do what it took to get our money. There was a fear of ‘What if we fight and we don’t win?’ I didn’t share that fear and I was really decisive, but everyone wasn’t at the time and that’s okay. I don’t regret anything. I’m not mad at the girls anymore because they decided to actually kick me out of the group or [rather] give me an ultimatum — our way or the highway — which is not much of a choice. I had to move on in order to be creatively and financially happy.”

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