Destiny’s Child In Dubai

For the first time ever, Destiny’s Child have taken their act to the Middle East, by performing in Dubai on Thursday (May 12), as a part of their ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ Tour. The venue was packed to full capacity with excited fans, including a line up of Arab royalty. Beyonce said at a news conference earlier in the day, “After a certain, long period of time with you being so strong people think that you’re invincible and you’re like a cartoon character. And we’re women, we hurt, we bleed like everyone else, so this album is not only mushy, it talks about the pain that women feel when they’re being mistreated. And it talks about the inner strength that we have to find within ourselves before we’re blessed with the right man. And basically it’s a whole journey of a woman’s growth to find true love and before you find true love you have to love yourself.”

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