Destiny’s Child Visit MTV’s TRL Tuesday

Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child stopped by the MTV studios on Tuesday for Total Request Live, where they chatted with host Quddus. The trio talked about their new book ‘Soul Survivors’, Michelle’s solo album that is out today, and Beyonce’s role in ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’. For a transcript, read on.

Welcome back to trl live from new york the top requested videos in the world. Line-up changes, break-up rumors have not stood in the yy of my next guests’ becoming one of the top-selling female groups in the world. Please help me welcome Destiny’s Child.


a lot of love for Destiny’s Child.



I love you!

They love y’all, they really love y’all. Welcome to trl. How are you guys doin’.

We feel good.


Feel great, so much happenin’ today our book is out today. Michelle’s album is out today.



Definitely. Yeah, that’s what i was figurin’ before the show i realized there is so much to talk about when it comes to you ladies these days we decided to do this in a checklist. If that’s okay with you.


So much to talk about. The first topic today, is the book “soul survivors” an out biography. Whose idea was that.

I know it’ been a while Destiny’s Child has been in the game for a while
now so we figured that now it’s time to put out a book, whole bunch of people puttin’ out their own unofficial.


— On Destiny’s Child and we decided it was time to put out a book that
spoke t truth now people can see more inside the emotions of Destiny’s Child.

How corny.

I didn’t mean that in a corny way, ha-ha.

That’s all good. Out buying graechs unveil the stuff we don’t know as of yet s.There anything crawl can tease the folks with any juicc thing you’ve got in the book we don’t know that’s in the book?

Hmmmm, gosh.

A lot obviously.

I think people sometimes they see you on t.V. And forget you a real person. We’ve been through a lot of the same struggles that most people have been through and i think you can learn more about our personalities and see that we are real people. We bleed, we hurt and make mistakes.

We cry.

Give it up for the realness of all of us y’all


definitely. Don’t forget that, y’all.


all right. Well, I think that’s one topic covered we can check that one off right there.


Moving to the other topic, the flicks the movies, you my dear starring in the newest edition of austin powers “gold member” your big-screen debut. Are you nervous about it? What yaus your role like.

Well, i play foxxy cleopatra.

You didn’t say it right it’s foxxy cleopatra.

Foxxy cleopatra and i had so much fun, mike powers is so hilarious. I’m not the only one actin’, also my girl miss kelly has a role


what’s your role.

I actually play karlie on the hoougly’s.

On the wb.


Are i just

[inaudible] network cable drama. Are you looking forward to acn’n’ this seems to be the theme i’m going down the line. I’m wondering about you.

[Inaudible] yeah. Yeah.

All right. Cool. This is a beautiful thing we got the ladies of Destiny’s
Child here with us.


now we’ll check that off, that topic isonone. Right now your no. 4 video
kylie minogue “can’t get you out of my head”. Prosecutors


— i just can’t get you out of my head boy, it’s more than i dare to
think about () ( )

i just can’t get you out of my head boy, your lovin’ is all i think about. I just can’t get you out of my head boy, it’s more than i dare to think about () ( )

every night () ( ) every day () ( ) just to be there in your arms (()
( )

won’t you stay () ( ) won’t you lay () ( ) stay forever and ever and ever and ever () ( )

i just can get you out of my head


ladies feelin’ that kylie minogue track rn you. You should have heard them throughout the song.

I’ma learn that dance move, okay. It’s ce.E.

We have checked off a few of the topics. Now to this next topic the
next video y’all just dropped “nasty girls” oh, yeah! Home-boy must have seen and loved it.


talk to us about for those of ushoho haven’t heard the song, talk to us about what the song is about.

Nasty girl that was a fun video for us but it’s just talkin’ about some nasty girls and we saw some today, actually. Nah, anyway.

Don’t go there.

No. No. No.

Wow, michelle.



what make as nasty girl, what makes a nasty — in your definition.

If she carries herself without any class or she just like, you know what i’m sayin’, like real ….

— Like i’m stylin’, that’s my butt but doesn’t carry herself like a lady, you know what i’m sayin’. It’s very important for you to carry the respect and class for yourself because then other people will respect you and know that you are a land that you demand respect.



[Inaudible] now talk about new music, let’s talk about your new album you got a solo comin’ out now.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Michelle “heart to yours”.

Yes it is in your stores today!


let’s talk about the album. Break it down. Does it vary from what you’ve done? I heard it is gospel.

Yes, it is and it’s my heart you know like from my heart to yours. I’m very proud of this album. I’m in love with it and i got to work with some great people. I got to work with my brother. He d two tracks

[crowd simultaneously] ahhhhh.


A family thing that’s good and like mary-mary’s on there and carol thomas
and it is just hot it’s hot.

Have you ladies heard the album, I’m sure you have.

We were just ltetenin’ to it one of my favorite songs on there is “heart to a also the song she did with mary-mary.

Yeah, “so glad” go ahead.

I’m very proud of her because right now ms. People are in the height of their career don’t do gospel records and i just think that she has a lot of courage for that and y’all need to give it up.

Thank you.

— Exploring a different jen ree — genre. Right now

Destiny’s Child is here. We have so much to cover today. We decided
to breck down in checklist form. For y’all. 3 and 4 were knocked down last time now the 5th topic talkin’ about a remix the album y’all just dropped, a remix album. Yeah, give it up. In stores now.

Yes, the remix album is? Stores now featuringducers like rock wilr, the neptunes.


Maurice, joshua. Who else, who else? Missy elliott a lot of wonderful, incredible producers. We want everybody to go get it. Yeah.

He got it already.

I got it!

Ha-ha. Now, with all the heavy-hitting producers who gets all these
producers for y’all, is this is something where you have relationships already built up with them you call out to them or they to you, what?

We are cool with a lot of producers, you know, that she just named so a lot of them say, yo, i got this hot remix and it’s fun because we actually go in the studio and re-sing the — the — the — lyric, the vocals, the vocals, thank you.

A long day. Five o’clock in the morning.

Oh, yeah, i saw y’all on the “today show” for real.

One more thing, one more thing weavave an in-store today.


It’s right across — right across the street.

Yeah, virgin megastore.


All right. There you go. N.Y.C. Area if you’ve got love go across the street and holler at them. Ladies thank you for hangin’ today.

Thank you.

Y’all go out “soul survivors” is out in stores

i’m a soul survivor!


austin powers goldmember is coming out michelle’s album is out today.
Support these ladies.

Thank you.

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