Destiny’s Child Win Billboard’s Artist Of The Year Award

Destiny’s Child took home Artist of the Year at Wednesday night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The group said upon accepting the honor: “Wow. Where do we begin? You know sometimes you forget all that you accomplished. Sitting in that chair, I feel so blessed to be here with these ladies and to have accomplished all that we have. Thank you, lord. We have to start all — start off by thanking all the female groups thain expired us and were here before us. The Supremes and En Vogue, we love you. We thank you. We also have to thank our manager, the best manager in the world, Matthew Knowles. Thank you for believing in us when we were 9 years old. Thank you for all your sacrifice and hard work. Tina Knowles. Your life, your experience, your spiritality, you are just true greatness. We love you so much. We can’t do this without you. To everyone at Sony Records, Quincy, you guys are so wonderful to us. We love you so much. C.A.A., Our agency. Who else? Who else?” They added, “Most importantly, our fans. We thank you so much. For your love, your loyalty, your support, everything that you’ve done. Last but not least, god. None of this will be possible without you. We love you and thank you so much. We can’t forget our parents, as well. Thank you so much. Thank you, Billboard.”

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