Destiny’s Child Wins RMA

Destiny’s Child won the Hip-Hop Rhythmic Artist of the Year Award at the Radio Music Awards last night and during the acceptance speech, Beyonce didn’t even talk (a first?)! Kelly Rowland told the audience, “Ow! First of all, the — this award would not be Destiny’s Child if it wasn’t for radio. Thank you so much radio. We started with no, no, no, bills, bugaboo, thank you for making them all number one hits. Also, everyone at Columbia at the promotional staff. We love you so much for pushing the record for us. To the best people around Destiny’s Child who make us who we are, the fans. We love you. We love you so much. This is for you. God bless. Our manager Matthew Knowles, everyone at Columbia Records, we love you.” Then Michelle Williams added while pointing to her parents, “Happy anniversary to my mom and dad. They’re sitting right there!”

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