Diana DeGarmo Discusses Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

CNN’s Nancy Grace spoke with a friend and neighbor of ’s family, as well as fellow ‘American Idol’ season three contestant Diana DeGarmo about the murders of the Oscar winner’s mother, brother and nephew. “I know how close she was to her mother. She talked about her mother very often,” DeGarmo told Grace. “Even when we were on the show, when we were on tour, she always talked about her, because I had just my mother and it kind of reminded her of herself, with her mother. I can only imagine what she’s going through utter, utter heartbreak.” Video of the segment, aired Monday (October 27), has since been removed at Turner.com.

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One thought on “Diana DeGarmo Discusses Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

  1. Ceekay says:

    What a STUPID statement Diana! ” I CAN only imagine how Jennifer must feel …” ARE YOU SERIOUS???? UNLESS , you have been in that situation you WILL NEVER be able to imagine what that must like ?!?!?! That statement really made you sound VERY intellectually challenged ! And SUDDENLY , you are the BIG FRIEND ???? Not only intellectually challenged but also riding on somebody else and the HORROR that happen to them to get you minute in the limelight ! You are pathetic!

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