Does R. Kelly Have A Problem With Women?

Soren Baker of Billboard caught up with for a bold Q&A and immediately asked him about his sex charges, and if the singer has a problem with women. “No one takes advantage of anybody. People are old enough to know what it is they want and what they don’t want,” Kelly explained. “The phrase is, ‘It’s easy to get them.’ No, it’s hard to get them off you. That’s really what it is with me and probably a lot of other celebrities because of the fact of who you are. You walk into a club, and you can’t even get to your seat without women grabbing you. Nowadays, they don’t just grab your arm. They grab you in all kinds of places. You wouldn’t even believe. It’s like going through a war zone trying to just get to your seat sometimes. You’ve got to leave out the back door. It used to be a point where you would come in the back door, sneak to the VIP section and everything is cool. Now everybody knows somebody that can get them in that back door.”

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