Donnie Klang: MTO Racism Claims Are 100% Fiction

Donnie Klang

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@donnieklang) on Thursday (October 30), responding to the widely discredited web site M****T***O**.com, who had run what apparently was an anonymously submitted item claiming the ‘Making The Band 4’ singer was on “a local radio station in Long Island” making racially charged remarks, while not specifying the station, the day the interview took place, nor the DJ he was supposedly speaking to. Klang writes:


First things first,

I love you all for your support! I posted this note because y’all need ta know:

A few popular websites posted a completely fabricated story about me today, and now it’s circulating around the internet. It is important for me to speak to my fans and let them know that the story is 100% fiction. It’s completely made up! I love all my fans and all people of various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. I would never, in any way, say anything racially derogatory. In addition, I love my Bad Boy family and have nothing but love for the entire label and staff. Don’t believe the lies! The story is absolutely false.

Peace & Love


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