Dr. Dre Says Truth Hurts Does Right With Edgy R&B

MTV News spoke with Dr. Dre about his protege , who’s ‘Truthfully Speaking’ debut drops June 18. Dre said of his mentor and friend, “I think a lot of the music the female artists are putting out right now is kind of bubble-gummish. Not to take anything away from the female artists that are out there. They’re doing their thing, but that’s their thing. I wanted a singer that can really sing, but do the type of music that my audience is gonna buy. I don’t think that’s been done so far. It’s been done with singers singing on rap records, what have you, making it edgy. But nobody just came for themselves, making an entire edgy R&B album. And I think she did it.” The full story at MTV.com has since been removed.

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