Enough With The Ashanti And Nelly Rumors

Contributed Anonymously:

Ladies and gentleman, Nelly is on tour and a few weeks ago he was down south doing concerts. He is not scheduled to even be in St. Louis until the end of this month! As far as the Trump Hotel….I have reliable sources (meaning people who were actually at Nelly’s NY concert) saying that everyone including Nelly got on the bus headed towards Chicago! He can’t be in two places at once! True no one’s going to admit to being a couple…but Jay-Z and B have still not officially said they were going out but low and behold there is evidence (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FOOTAGE)! There are no pictures anywhere of Nelly and only old ones at award shows.

Celebrities can not be in public places without being noticed and having a photo or two snapped! This information is false! Don’t buy into everything read in teenybopper magazines and the internet! Teen magazines twist things and add to original stories to sell their product! All info on this is always located in the RUMOR/GOSSIP SECTION of magazines meaning NOT FACTUAL AND BASED ON SPECULATION!

Well, to start things off, has any of ya’ll ever been to a Nelly concert?! Do you know what he is like at the after parties?! Well, let me tell you…I’ve heard that he does NOT act like he is single! Girls go out of their way just to be with him and they’ll do whatever it takes! Nelly loves women period. Something may have gone on in the past…but it is now over! Do you think that Ashanti would tolerate him “doing stuff” with other women while they are supposedly “dating”…ummmm…..NO! No proof= lies lies lies! I mean, can we get a RECENT picture or something?! No, because they don’t exist! The only places they have been “seen” together are at hotels! And what’s in a hotel besides maybe a restaurant and a BEDROOM?!

I believe in privacy, but I think that both Nelly and Ashanti have a little more CLASS than that! If Ashanti had respect for herself, she would not just “meet up” with him at hotels! Let’s use our heads people! The media is just eating this stuff up because it’s just something else to talk about besides Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles! I believe Nelly would be man enough to take her out to other places besides dinner and a f*** if they were that serious! If they were that serious, why didn’t he escort her to the Grammys this year?! They were both in LA at that time! The first “sighting” was at Mr. Chow’s in LA…who knows…it could have been just an innocent dinner between friends!

If they had been going out for 3-4 months…pictures would have shown up by now! You can’t go to LA or a Bull’s game without being seen because paparazzi is everywhere at places like that! You can believe what you want to, but the info is not logical and does not add up to make sense! Was she not on the radio saying that they were just friends now? Was she not at the concert like they teased her about on the Doug Banks morning show…NO! The X-mas in Aspen is the funniest and my favorite because Nelly got 2 kids and I don’t think he would leave ’em hangin’ like that! Be real with me ya’ll…I really think they are not dating!


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2 thoughts on “Enough With The Ashanti And Nelly Rumors

  1. TeTe18 says:

    Nelly and Ashanti need to real with them self. T be real with you I think it’s for publicity cause one minute they she saying they just friends and than two weeks later she don’t have nothing to say about him. If it’s real let people know I understand they don’t want people in their business and I can respect that .But they can also say they both happy cause that was me there’s no way I’m gonna deny the love I have for him. I’ll say I’m happy or I’m in love and leave it at that. But I’m pretty sure if they are together Ashanti has a problem with the things he does because I say it myself he flirts to damn much and I don’t even know him. If I notice it I’m pretty sure she does.

  2. opl says:

    I think Ashanti and Nelly make a really cute couple.

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