Eric Benet Speaks Out On Cheating On Halle Berry

WENN reports has spoken out for the first time about cheating on wife Halle Berry. He says, “Before, I was trying to portray an image of this person who I wanted to be – Mr. I’m So Spiritually In Touch With Myself, Mr. I Could Never Cheat On My Wife – I really did want to be all those things, but I just wasn’t. I asked myself, ‘Why did I do this thing? I am someone who is deeply in love with my wife. I want to be married… What is this weakness inside me that’s allowing this to happen?'” Benet says therapy for sexy addiction was “an extremely painful process. I was so disconnected and not in touch with myself. For whatever reason I had not faced some painful things in my life. I just kind of learned how to compartmentalize my emotions and not really deal with them. It’s a very dangerous thing because then you start doing sh** that doesn’t make sense.” He added, “This past year has been cathartic as far as learning what marriage and relationships are all about. It took all this sh** for me to get real, but now I’m singing and writing more honestly.”

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