Estelle And John Legend Interview Each Other

Estelle And John Legend

MySpace Artist on Artist features and interviewing each other. Legend talked about being a big fan of sports and American football, what he’d do if he could change the world – end poverty and ban all crappy records, and new albums he is liking – T.I., M.I.A., and Lil Wayne. Estelle talked about what “swagger” means and both vow not to use the word, wanting to see Jay-Z and Beyonce interview each other, and what’s next for her. Watch the interview via MySpace below.

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One thought on “Estelle And John Legend Interview Each Other

  1. hall says:

    John Legend and Estelle are incredible artists, I’m so glad there are people making good music still. I found a video of Estelle doing the theme song for Snoop’s fatherhood show and it’s really good if you wanna check it out here’s the link

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