Experts Chime In On R&B Grammy Nominees

Edna Gundersen of USA Today spoke with music analysts for their thoughts on who will walk away the big winner in the R&B group from this month’s Grammy Awards. Paul Grein commented, “It’s a strong field,” Grein says. “In any other year, I could see at least three of the others winning. [Mary J.] Blige is coming off the biggest crossover hit of her career. Destiny’s Child is at its peak. And died on the cusp of superstardom. If Alicia [Keys] didn’t have such a lock, it would be an open race, almost. You could write a winning scenario for four of them.” As for the most nominated artist, , Grein adds, “The only scenario for her would be if voters don’t want to go with the preordained obvious choice and instead go with the sleeper.” Read more.

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