Explicit Blu Cantrell Nude Shots In Latest Black Tail

Richard L. Eldredge of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports additional nude photos of have surfaced since the 1994 Black Tail shots were discovered earlier this year. Cantrell graces the cover of the magazine’s current issue, with even more explicit shots she did as Jazmand. The publisher, Dynamite, wrote, “Don’t worry, Blu, we’re the least of all judgmental when it comes to getting naked in front of a camera. In fact, it’s an asset to any career in my book!”

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5 thoughts on “Explicit Blu Cantrell Nude Shots In Latest Black Tail

  1. charles darrett says:

    How do you contact Blu?

  2. shandell Winfield says:

    I would like to say hello to all

  3. shandell says:

    Hello to all

  4. jermaine says:

    Please me as a blast from the past issue of black tail magazine, I’m trying to find a blue Cantrell for years I’ve even look on Amazon can find nowhere please let me know when you’re sure another cover with her on thank you

  5. Gregory TAYLOR says:

    Always been a beautiful woman keep doing thing

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