Faith Evan’s ‘The First Lady’

The First Lady, Faith’s first CD in four years debuted at #2 selling over 150,000 albums it’s first week. The CD features 13 all new tracks, thirteen of which were co-written by Faith. The first two tracks are ok, but things start picking up with the third track. The third track, “I Don’t Need It” has a very seventies feel and at times makes you want burst out and do the bump. The lyrics bring you to the conclusion that all a couple needs to make it is love; it’s not about the material things. The fourth Track makes you think of an old Michael Jackson Song from the late 80’s, and early nineties. The Fifth song, “Mesmerized” is reminiscent of sixties style songs by a soul diva with a funky beat, it’s about falling in love, in that right love where you just lose yourself. It’s one of the sets more memorable tracks. The Sixth song “Tru Love,” is a nice slow groovy song on what it’s like when you have that true love, the one that keeps you all night on the phone whether you’re speaking or not you’re just happy to hear them breathe. Track nine, “Catching Feelings,” is also another one of the sets stand out tracks, that’s about when you first get those feeling for that special someone. Track 11, “Until You Came,” is a great track about how you feel when you set your heart free to love for the first time. Track 12, “Lucky Day,” gives you the feeling you’ve heard it before it’s similar to Jennifer Lopez’s “Play, and that song from the early nineties with the line, “Hey d.j. won’t you play that song, all night on and on and on…” but with a seventies feel, makes you want to grab your skates and head to the roller rink. A good song. Track 13, “Hope,” Is one of the best of the sets best tracks, and definitely a must hear. Overall the set has an obvious feel of those feelings you get when you fall into true love, and how you respond to it, mixed with a seventies feel. Some of her best work yet.

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