Faith Evans Visits TRL Thursday

was on with Total Request Live Thursday with Carson Daly to perform ‘I Love You’ and field questions from Carson. Faith said she planned on doing Broadway tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day with husband Todd Russaw. Faith talked about tour plans saying she’d like to tour with Usher but didn’t commit to anything as she’s in negotiations. Read on for a transcript of her chat.

Carson. The top 10 most requested by our studio audience love-ate songs
appropriate for today. Speaking of which my next guest will sing a sing
in a moment called “I Love You” Please welcome the very talented Faith


Carson: Right here. How are ya.

FE: Good.

Carson: Happy valentine’s day.

FE: Happy valentine day jar can we get a nice shot of her outfit it
is gorgeous. I almost wore the same thing.

FE: Thank you.

Carson: You look like a million bucks. We are split between today being
a lovely day and it can be tough. Where do you fall?

FE: It’s lovely, it’s lovely, yeah, it is a beautiful thing, especially
to be in love.

Carson: Hey!

FE: Ha-ha.

Carson: Boy, oh, boy.

FE: ‘Sorry.

arson: What are you doin’ tonight, big plans.

FE: Yeah, me and my husband are gonna do broadway.

Carson: Oohh, nice

Carson: ‘Nice. Can i go you grew up listening to gospel music like really
just gospel music right.

FE: Very heavyly.

Carson: All were you really allowed to listen to.

FE: For a long time in my lee, until jazz band came into play, singin’
in school productions but my grandparents were really strict and religious
and you know they kinda forbade any secular music in the house.

Carson: How do you get beyond that and gat other styles to be part of
the music you make when it was so gospel from your roots?

FE: Well, with this album with “faith fully” that is what i set out
to do, i purposesly listened to everybody from like old hall & oates
to steely dan.

Carson: I just saw them in philadelphia.

FE: Patrice Rushin. I listened to a bunch of stuff and bought music
from a certain period from like the ’30s and ’90s and found what i could
find. It really did help a lot in createin’ the songs on the album.

Carson: Are you going on tour.

FE: Yes, i am, in the spring, really soon

Carson: I hadn’t heard anything, i didn’t know if you were going out.

FE: Because i have a couple offers out there but one is a more dear
to my heart.

Carson: Can you say or not.

FE: Not confirmed but i wouldn’t mind going out with usher, ha-ha.

FE: Yeah! I think that might be.

Carson: You know P. Diddy is here and is tight with usher. He might
be able to had out.

FE: Usher lives around the corner from me, i could leave him a note.

Carson: Of course. Always do that swing by his crib, he is nextdoor.
I know you a do a ton of charity work. I want to mention city kids, a great

FE: Thanks that’s right.

Carson: Tell us a bit about it in 30 seconds or so.

FE: An organization for which I am the national spokesperson, basically
founded the purpose of getting children together frfrom different cultural
social backgrounds givin’ them a place to go to solve problems and figure
things out whether it be for the arts, self-expression, develop distantal

Carson: Very cool.

FE: Cool to be part of. I like kids.

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