Fans Fight Plan To Take Down Aaliyah’s Official Site

Over 2,000 fans have signed a petition trying to fight Virgin Records plans to shut down the official sight of the late . The petition states: “In the wake of the tragic death of Dana Haughton, her fans have converged at to pay tribute, remember, and honor her memory. These same devoted fans have also come to the site to grieve and mourn her openly amongst others around the world who love and treasure her. It is at the website,, that her fans feel comfortable expressing their emotions during these dark times and is the light that sustains them. In order to keep her name alive, we ask that Virgin Records keep up an running because this site means the world to the fans and it was at this site that herself posted messages to her devoted fans. Please Save!”, which hosted the petition, has since shut down.

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2 thoughts on “Fans Fight Plan To Take Down Aaliyah’s Official Site

  1. dominique says:

    I love you so much…you made great music and a wonderful person.may god bless you and you are now in a wonderful place

  2. dominique says:

    I love her so much and I miss her so much she was a great singer and dancer

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