Fantasia Barrino Appears On ‘The Tonight Show’

was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday to discuss her big win on ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday. Barrino talked about the win and being up ever since, being a single mom, growing up in North Carolina, auditioning for the show, and they did the “bobo”. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: All righty. Please welcome fantasia barrino!

[ Cheers and applause ] Have a seat.

[ Cheers and applause ] Do that.

Fantasia: You want to bobo? Want to do it now?

Jay: We’ll do it later. Relax for a minute.

Fantasia: You got to —

Jay: We will. Have you gotten any sleep at all?

Fantasia: No.

Jay: You’ve been up all night?

Fantasia: All night long. Still smiling showing off 500 of my teeth!

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: It’s an amazing, wonderful, wonderful story. I know your whole
family was there last night. Everybody?

Fantasia: Yes.

Jay: What did they say after the show? What —

Fantasia: Actually, I didn’t really get to talk to them, because I had
a lot of press, and when I got back, I watched a little “shrek” and I went
to sleep.

Jay: Oh really.

Fantasia: I was tired.

Jay: You have a big italian family? Right?

Fantasia: Yeah.

Jay: We’re cousins.

Fantasia: Yeah.

Jay: Cool. Now, tell us about you. ‘Cause your story is pretty amazing.
Take us a little bit from the beginning. A lot of people are familiar,
but some are not. You’re from where –? High point.

Fantasia: High point, north carolina.

Jay: It’s a small town. But I know that name. What is it famous for?

Fantasia: The furniture. We’re the furniture capital. We have good furniture.
And you guys should come and get you some furniture. Small town.

Jay: Okay.

Fantasia: Raised up in a church house.

Jay: Okay.

Fantasia: Everybody sings.

Jay: Your family is very musical? Everybody sings?

Fantasia: Everybody sings. Even zion tries to sing.

Jay: Now zion is your daughter.

Fantasia: Yes.

Jay: Now, how old is she?

Fantasia: She’s 2 years old.

Jay: Now, I know it’s been rough for you. ‘Cause you’re 19 and a single

Fantasia: Single mom.

Jay: At any point in the last couple of years, did you think you were
going to make it in show business? Did it seem like the furthest thing

Fantasia: You know what? I just said to myself, I’ve been through a
lot of things. I’ve been through the storm, I’ve been through the rain,
but I made it. I said you know what? I want to be the best mom I can be.
I want my child to have things that I didn’t have. So I’m going, and I’m
going to work hard at it.

Jay: Well, you certainly did that. That’s wonderful!

[ Applause ] So when you — that was on two years before you did it.
Did you see the first two years of “american idol”?

Fantasia: Yeah.

Jay: Why didn’t you audition for those?

Fantasia: Simon! I couldn’t handle simon.

Jay: Oh, really?

Fantasia: No, uh-uh. I was watching, I was like, gosh. He’s mean! We
almost got into a couple of fights. You know.

Jay: Really?

Fantasia: Yeah.

Jay: Tell us about — tell us the security guard story. Where did you
go to audition? Where did you go? You didn’t audition in high point.

Fantasia: I went to atlanta.

Jay: How far’s that?

Fantasia: It’s about four hours away.

Jay: Okay so you drive there.

Fantasia: We drove, and we got there. We waited in line.

Jay: How many people?

Fantasia: Gosh, 70,000 people. And I was hungry! So I was like — like,
hey, can we go get something to eat right quick? And we left. When we got
back, they wouldn’t let nobody else in the door. So there was a lot of
people out crying, and, you know, ready to fight. I was standing at the
door, like “oh, god, if you get me in, please! I’m going to sing my butt
off!” So I left, and my family was saying, “go back. Just try it again.”
And when I got back, there was security guard there that heard me sing.
And he says, “I’ve got to get you in there.”

Jay: He heard you singing out in the parking lot.

Fantasia: He heard me and said “I got to get you in here.” I was the
last person to audition.

Jay: Wow. That’s cool. Now, do they tell you —

[ Applause ] When you do that audition, do they tell you right then
and there you’re on or do you get, like, a letter in the mail?

Fantasia: They tell you right there. There’s a lot of judges.

Fantasia: Don’t you watch the show?

Jay: No, I don’t —

Fantasia: Why?

Fantasia: You’re coming to hollywood! Right?

Jay: I watch the end.

Fantasia: I’m looking at you, like this. So I’m singing like, oh, gosh,
what’s really going on? But I made it through, man, and I’m here.

Jay: What were your chances then? What did you think? Were you this
confident then or were you like, “oh, well.”

Fantasia: You don’t sing like she does and — I mean, come on. She knew
she was good. She knew she was going to make it to hollywood. Come on!

Jay: You have a good publicist.

[ Laughter ]

Fantasia: I mean. They were going like — like, oh my gosh.

Fantasia: You know what? There was a lot of talent there, and I was
like, “oh, man. Little old me. Are they going to like me?” But —

Jay: But it’s a long shot. There are a lot of things besides talent.
All through these things, there are people that voted — somebody’s better.
It’s not fair. It is a long shot, they say.

Fantasia: Yeah, but — I’m happy!

[ Applause ]

Jay: Now you had some wardrobe problems, too. That’s another thing.
What happened there?

Fantasia: Oh, man. I broke my shoe! And I liked those shoes. When ryan
told me that I made it, I broke my shoe. I broke my necklace. So I was
singing that song, with one shoe with a heel and one shoe without a heel.
But I still bobo.

Jay: You sound like you really want to bobo.

Fantasia: Do you want to bobo with me?

Jay: I’m not a good bobo-er.

Fantasia: You got to bobo too!

Fantasia: Oh, my gosh!

Jay: Don’t you watch the show?

Fantasia: Come on! Stick your hips out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Fantasia: Whew! That’s it! Now, everybody get up and do it with me!

Fantasia: All right.

Jay: Kev, come over and bobo!

Kevin: Don’t even try it! Don’t even try it, jay!

Jay: It’s the italian thing. I want to know. Sit down, we’ll talk some

Fantasia: That was great.

Jay: What I want to know — see, I want to know, wt happens next? I
know you won, what? A car?

Fantasia: I got a car, y’all. My first car.

Jay: This is your first car?

Fantasia: My first car.

Jay: Do you even have a a driver’s license? You got to take the test.

[ Laughter ] What kind of car did you win?

Fantasia: I won a ford focus.

Jay: Oh, cool.

Fantasia: Yes. So my first wheels. And —

Jay: Why don’t you drive now? Don’t you have a license?

[ Whispering ]

Fantasia: You wasn’t supposed to tell anybody that.

[ Laughter ] See? I’m going to get my license, you guys. I’m going.

[ Cheers ]

Jay: Get your license. All right.

[ Applause ] Somebody can drive you. Now you can sit in the back. Have
your brother drive you.

Fantasia: I don’t want to. I want to drive!

Jay: So what is the next thing? What happens next? You’ve won this thing.
Do you go on tour?

Fantasia: Go on tour with all the other “idols.” Which, is going to
be great, y’all. Got to come out and see that, because we gonna be on fire!

Jay: And of course, you got a record contract.

Fantasia: A record contract. I’m going to work on my album. I want my
music to be encouraging! I’m going to do all types of music. And we going
to bobo out through the cd!

Jay: Real quick. Your little daughter is how old?

Fantasia: She’s 2 years old.

Jay: Did she understand any of this? When she saw all of the people
cheering for mommy, did she understand? Does she have any idea? What does
she say?

Fantasia: No, she doesn’t understand. She knows about the idols. She
doesn’t call me mommy any more, she calls me tejarino. Because that’s all
she hears. So, she goes “hey tejarino, the idol.” So I’m like, “I’m mommy.
Don’t call me that.” But she doesn’t understand. But I’m happy now that
I can take care of my own child, and I don’t have to beg and borrow anymore.

Jay: We’re happy for you and we’re going to beg and borrow to get you
to come back. Thank you for that. Fantasia barrino.

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