Fantasia Barrino Discusses Her Throat Tumor

CNN’s T.J. Holmes paid a visit to in Washington, DC recently, talking one-on-one with the ‘American Idol’ season three winner just before curtain call as she reprised her role as Celie in Alice Walker’s ‘The Color Purple’.

Fantasia opened up to T.J. about her childhood, surgery on her throat tumor, life lessons about fame, being functionally illiterate and working to obtain her GED.

The interview at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasia Barrino Discusses Her Throat Tumor

  1. christopher says:

    Hi I love you and I’m from Nigeria if I can get you I will marry you.

  2. PurpleJ says:

    Well, turns out the majority who spoke out against her deserving to be an “American Idol” due to her lack of ability to thrive (other than musically) and truly be a good role model, were right! Fantasia is just a big joke. She rarely follows thru with any contract, has no idea how to live responsibly and manage money. She is a total embarrassment for anyone living a true Christian life. I hope the industry has learned to just let her go back to her Section 8 lifestyle because that’s really all she deserves!

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