Fantasia Barrino Quitting Twitter?

Fantasia Barrino in gold shoes

checked in with her Twitter followers (@tasiasword) with a message to the haters and the record company, indicating that she won’t be stopped, and that she could be another celebrity swearing off the micro blogging service. The ‘American Idol’ season three winner writes:

Even when they try to Knock me Down (Record Company, Haters).. This will be my Last Time on Here…. Sorry You Guys
I Deal with a lot.. And I stay away from all Negative!!!! I Love You all!!! Be Blessed
But know this about me * I’m far from Dumb* but God will Do the rest if the Talking 4 Me…. The record Company and to my Haters
I Can’t Be Stopped!!!!! Keith, Barry,Clive I Love Ya!!!!! And I will make you proud… To all my Twit Fam Never let anyone
Stand in the way of your Destiny
Mwah!!! God is Still in Control… Watch How Hard I GO!!! NOW
Bye My People!!!! Learn How to up lift your People, pray 4 Them, and Not be so quick to Judge and put them Down..
That’s what killed the King!!!! And then when it Happened EVERYBODY wanted to CRY!!!!! Too Late Now
I want Let people Do that to Me!!! He was a person just Like YOU!!!! Remember a Quick laugh is Not always the Best Thing….
Ok…. That’s Tasias WORD

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