Fantasia Barrino… You Are The American Idol

I would like to give my props to Ms. (I call her Fanny)

I would like to thank her for changing the face of what “some” Americans think an idol should be, I must admit I was never an American Idol fan, I always thought it was full of corny people who took bad news extremely well, then one Tuesday night while flipping my TV, I came across a young lady sitting on a floor singing ‘Summertime’ and the little bit I heard touched my soul, I told myself I was officially a fan! So I tuned in and became and praying and obsessed fan, I also checked out to a few chatlines.. and that’s is where the drama began!

People can be so cruel, they were calling her a drop out, an unwed mother, Macy Gray, Ghetto and many, many more I shouted to the screen in anger, “Wake up people” Fantasia is no different from any other celebrity

50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Biggie, and Celine Dion

Guess What, they all have something in common, They did not complete High School and some of them had children out of wed-lock.

Fantasia Barrino is the “American Idol” she put herself out there, and gave little girls and grown women a chance to know that you can come out of grimmy gritty streets, you can come out of being a young single mother w/ no father involved and you can rise, rise as high as you allow yourself to grow, Fantasia has a story attached to her and that right there inspires me and million’s of other people.. to reach the unreacheable dream and That is my definition of an Idol!

In closing, I am very happy and proud that she ran and met her goal, she deserves every bit of it, so Congrats to Ms.Barrino, You ARE our American Idol!

P.S. If you have not heard the original of “Summertime” check it out by Ella Fitzgerlad and you will see how Fanny ripped that song in pieces and made it her own!

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