Farrah Franklin Has New Record Label & TV Show

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In the lastest issue of Sister 2 sister magazine, former Destiny’s Child star Farrah Franklin reveals that she has just signed a deal with Fabulous’s record label, Street Family, which is a branch off of the Desert Storm label. She has already recorded songs with Fab and Method Man. Next member R.L also wrote two songs on the album.

Farrah said she had a few options as far as labels but she liked the idea of being with a family unit. She also said that her music will be different from Destiny’s Child. “Its gonna be young, fun, and sexy. Its like me. People will actually get to hear me sing.” Farrah wrote most of the songs on the album.

Farrah is also starting a pilot for a TV show called “America’s Most Talented.” Her co host is Miguel Nunez. She said the show is a mixture of “In Living Color” and “American Idol,” but your talent can be anything.Every show somebody will win $5,000 dollars and you can compete to win up to five times. At the end of the year, the winner will receive up to $250,000 as the grand prize.Farrah says that so far only a pilot was done but networks like UPN and USA are looking at the show for a possible future timeslot.

Farrah Franklin also spoke about her modeling deals with Ford and Coach Company.Says that she holds no grudges against the women of DC3 has even spoke with member Michelle Williams in the past year and is glad that she was able to move on.

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