Former Destiny’s Child Member Shining

Contributed Anonymously:

It appears that former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin will be making a big debut this year with television and music. She was a featured artist in the new Sister2Sister magazine with on the cover. She talked about her music, friendship with Michelle Williams, and TV show called ‘America’s Most Talented’ the show will be co-hosted by Miguel Nunez. Now she has the cover of Feb 03 Black Man magazine.

She reveals that she has 2 modeling contracts, and that she’s signed to Streetfamily/Desert Strom records (looking for a distributor) and she has recorded songs with Method Man, Trina, and Fabolous

She also has a movie coming out with a California based rapper named JT The Bigga Figga. Lil’ Mo, Trina, Mac Mall, and Gary Payton will be spotted in the movie also.

When asked if she can talk about DC and how the whole breakup thing was settled? She said, “No, I am not allowed to discuss that. Basically, I can just say that it was a great opportunity for me and I was glad I was in the group. They are very talented and beautiful girls. It just didn’t work out; we had different lifestyles.”

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