Frankie J Gives R&B Flavor To Aventura Cover

spoke with MTV News about his forthcoming album ‘The One’, due out March 8th, and the disc’s first single ‘Obsession’. It’s about a guy who’s obsessed with a girl,” Frankie said. “He’s been seeing her for quite awhile and he thinks it’s love but, at the same time, he’s knows it dangerous for him because she’s playing mind tricks on him. It’s a cover of a song done by a group named Aventura. The original is a bachata version — it has a very Latin-polka feel to it. When my manager brought the song to me, he asked me if I could change it to make it a pop/R&B song. He gave it to Happy Perez, who produced [Baby Bash’s] ‘Suga Suga,’ and we basically flipped it and did our own thing to it.” Read more.

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