From Supermodel to Super Soul Singer

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Don’t be quick to stereotype soul singer Maiysha based on her looks, she may have fashion model on her resume but she isn’t just another pretty face. In fact, when it comes to this stunner her vocals are just as strong as her beauty is striking. A child of divorce, Maiysha, who now calls Brooklyn, NY, home, grew up alternating between the Midwestern metropolises of Minneapolis and Chicago listening to a diverse list of artists that included Stevie Wonder, Prince, Blondie and Billy Joel. Her debut album, This Much Is True, is set to hit stores in August and with her star clearly on the rise I sat down with the songstress this week to find out more about who she is, the secret she kept from her coworkers during the high point of her modeling days, and what led to her fantastic interpolation of the Peter Gabriel classic “Sledgehammer.” Read the full interview at:

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