Gangstarr Overcame Heat For KC & JoJo Collaboration

Hip hop legends Gangstarr are on the cover of this week’s Beat magazine of Australia. Asked if when they dropped the ‘Royalty’ single featuring KC and JoJo on the ‘Moment Of Truth’ LP if they received heat from fans because of their collaboration with two mainstream R&B singers, Gifted Unlimited Rhyme Universal responded, “They did initially when they heard ABOUT it, but when they actually heard it they pulled back. The video was real raw too and we didn’t even have them in it so it wasn’t like we were trying to exploit them. We brought them into the Gangstarr zone. We didn’t make an R&B track and then put some rhymes on it. We made a Gangstarr track and they had to sing to THAT, which they enjoyed. That’s the only way we can do it and call it a Gangstarr track.”

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