Ginuwine On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk about his new album ‘The Senior’, which dropped yesterday. also talked with Lala about his role in the new show ‘Platinum’. Read on for a transcript.

Lala: here hanging out with ginuwine!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lala: Ginuwine. What’s up.

Lala: Now, g, let’s go after this album. It hits stores yesterday.

Ginuwine: It’s in stores right now.

Lala: Yes. Let’s discuss the title. “The senior.” What’s the significance
of that?

Ginuwine: It’s my fourth album an inlike to apply to like schoo like
you apply your ninth, tenth and 11th grade to your 12th grade. That’s what
I did with the album albums. This is my fourth album so i applied all four
to this one. I have “stingy” on the album. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank
you. Thank you. And I have the remix of “hell yeah” on that album. And
also I’m doing the in store right across the street right here after i
leave here.

Lala: Oh, after you leave here.

Ginuwine: All you come over there. So I can sign autographs and all

Lala: For sure. A little more of the album. You’re definitely known
for the sex ’em up songs. You started with “pony.” We love “pony.” Now,
are we going to find some of the classic joints on the album as well?

[ Laughter ]

Ginuwine: Yes. I have a couple of joints on there like that. I have
to coverpy bases. I have, you know t love songs. You know, the sexual songs.

Lala: Oh!

Ginuwine: You know, stuff like that. That’s how I’m known. So I have
to try — you know, cover all my bases and everything.

Lala: They love you. They love you. Now, g, i know you already released
a single for “hell yeah” but we have a new one featuring cast members from
the new show “platinum” that you’re in. Let’s talk of the show andou role.

Ginuwine: I play a rapper in the series believe it or not. It’s about,
you know, two brothers and a sister. You know, building up a record company.
They go through their ups and downs in the record company. And so everybody
to tune in because after people want what’s going on in a record company
n the record business. They dead on with it.

Lala: For sure. So for those of us who don’t know, “platinum” premieres
on april 19th on upn. So catch that. I don’t say this about everything,
but you’re one of of my favorite people. You know that. Thank you for stopping
by. It meant a lot to me. The album is in stores right now. Make sure you
go get it. Be on the lookout for ginuwine in “plat platinum.”

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