Girls Of Summer Assault The Airwaves

Felicia Pride of Orlando Weekly profiled the success of women in music this summer. Pride says, “Beyoncé Knowles, 21, and Douglas, 22, seem to excel in their own ways at methodically using what they got to get what they want. With their new releases, they have begun a noticeable — yet refined — shift toward a more unfettered femininity and an unabashed sex appeal. They are paradigm R&B heirs, representative of hip-hop’s profound impact and exhibiting direct lineage to Mary J. Blige and . Beyoncé and Ashanti epitomize the wifey type men boast of: beautiful, sweet, the kind of lady you can take home to Momma, with hints of a bedroom bad girl that is only remotely suggested in their music. And the two represent for the ladies — with rhythmic nods of feminine independence and vulnerability — the joys and pains of being a woman. More importantly, Beyoncé and Ashanti are marketing powerhouses who work ferociously to diversify their offerings and build themselves as individual brands.” has since removed the article.

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