Globe Magazine Says Left Eye Death Was Murder

Globe magazine has a big two page article on the suspicious aspects of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes death and the opinion from Atlanta journalist Lyshon Myles (who incidently comes up with 0 matches on Google) that it was murder. Myles, called “an influential Atlanta journalist with well-placed hip hop sources” said, “People in the community believe there are just too many strange circumstances surrounding her death.” In addition, some said the star could have been another victim of the rap wars that resulted in the deaths of Biggie and Tupac Shakur.

An insider told the tabloid, “[Lisa] made enemies because she was so controversial. A lot of people within the industry are asking if she upset some major music figure and because a victim because of it.” It’s apparent the implication of that quote would be Suge Knight.

Myles points to the suspicious nature of the accident itself asking, “Why would a truck be heading straight for another car? Lisa would be an easy target to find if you were looking for her because everyone in the area knew she was there.”

He later added, “If you wanted to have someone famous killed, it would be easier outside America. Here, there’s too much media attention and that would bring more scrutiny by the police. It would be much better to attempt the murder in some far-off place where the police system isn’t nearly as sophisticated as it is here. And that description fits Honduras to a ‘T’.”

Another theory brought up would be that the death was a revenge of the earlier death of a Honduran boy just three weeks prior. Locals are noted for their ancient and sometimes deadly practice of voodoo. Myles suggested of the boys death that led to no charges, “You have to wonder if someone might have had a vendetta against her. They may have even called upon some voodoo master to help out.”

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