Grammy Chief Comments On Keys Not Getting Album Nod spoke with Grammy chief Michael Greene for his thoughts on not getting a nomination in the Best Album category at Wednesday’s awards. Greene explained, “You know, it’s hard. She was on the final ballot and you never really know what goes through people’s minds. Most in the industry would say that she should have been there instead of . Sit down with the two records and forget the hype, the numbers and the rest of it and just listen to the songs. Our folks are producers, engineers, songwriters and musicians; they don’t care about the hype. They listen to the record. From an industry perception—certainly from Clive Davis’ point of view, Alicia Keys should be in the Album of the Year category instead of India.Arie. From the committee’s perspective, they listened to two albums back-to-back and made their choice. That’s the way it works. What the industry responds to is often quite different from what a musician responds to.”

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